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Server Downtime
Performance Issues
Storage Limitations

Our Managed Dedicated Servers
are designed to deliver
Exceptional Performance, Reliability, and Scalability

Our managed dedicated servers are designed to deliver exceptional performance, reliability, and scalability, all backed by the industry-leading storage technology from NetApp.

With our managed dedicated servers, you can focus on your business while we take care of the technical details, ensuring that your servers are always running at peak performance and availability.

How Our Managed Dedicated Server Help You

Our managed dedicated servers with NetApp storage provide a range of benefits that can help take your business to the next level. With our servers, you can expect:
Exceptional Performance
Our servers are optimized for speed and performance, with powerful processors, ample memory, and high-speed storage solutions powered by NetApp.
Unmatched Reliability
We take server uptime seriously and guarantee 99.9% uptime, backed by our team of experienced server administrators who ensure that your servers are always running smoothly.
Our servers are highly scalable, allowing you to easily upgrade or downgrade your resources as your business grows or changes.
Advanced Data Protection
Our NetApp storage solutions provide advanced data protection, with features such as snapshots, replication, and encryption, ensuring that your data is always secure and available.

Certification, Credibility, Compliance

Acronis Associate Advanced Backup
Acronis Associate Advanced Disaster Recovery
Microsoft Azure Administrator
AWS Certified Solution Architect Professional
AWS Certified Solution Architect Associate
AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Foundational
Cisco Certified
Network Associate
cPanel Certified Professional
NetApp Certified Technology Associate
Rocheston Certified Cybersecurity Engineer
Huawei HCIA Certification
Asia Pacific International Honesty Enterprise Keris Award 2010
MBEA Best Application Hosting Provider 2018
Quality Management Systems
ISO 9001:2015
Information Security Management System
ISO 27001:2013
Cloud Security Management
ISO 27017:2015
Green Building Index Certified
PCI DSS Compliant
Uptime Institute Certified
TIER III Facility
Uptime Institute Certified

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