Stop vulnerable attacks in minutes

Protect Against DDoS Attacks

A DDoS attack is aimed to render a website inaccessible by customers or to flood with enough data packet to knock it offline for a few hours or even completely. The importance of Anti-DDoS Protection becomes even more prevalent to businesses to ensure that their digital assets are kept safe and protected from such malicious attacks. Anti-DDoS Protection also ensures the elimination of single-point-of-failure from real-time DDoS attacks, HTTP flood attacks, empty connection attacks, slow connection attacks and other web application attacks.

Our Anti-DDoS Protection Solution

With the rapid development of DDoS Attacks in terms of size, frequency and complexity, numerous organizations and businesses may find it difficult to protect themselves from such malicious attacks. Net Onboard’s Anti-DDoS Protection aims to provide an adequate mitigation system to help protect and block malicious attacks aimed at your website.

Key Benefits

Complimentary of 10Gbps + 10 Gbps Anti-DDOS Protection
24 x 7 x 365 Technical Support
In-House Built Mitigation Architecture
Always “On” Cloud Solution
Domestic Filtering to Prevent Website Latency
Full Visibility and Report Analysis of Attack
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