Dedicated Server 
with Virtualization

Optimum Performance
Intuitive Web GUI
Hardware Independency

Dedicated Just For You

Our Dedicated Server with Virtualization is a popular strategy of dedicated server deployment by bringing cloud computing advantages to the dedicated server and eliminating cloud computing’s resource limitations. The server is perfect between VPS and conventional Dedicated Servers, for which it is easily and readily swift from one platform to another without having huge impact on the uptime.

Key Features

Tier 3 Certified Data Center

Our data center comes with redundant and dual-powered servers, storage, network links and other IT components. With the redundant and always active power supply, there is minimal downtime and guarantees 99.982% availability with a fractionally of less than two hours of downtime per year.

99.9% Network and Hardware Uptime Guaranteed

Our 24 x 7 x 365 technical support staff ensures that our Network and Hardware are up 99.9% by utilizing quality up-to-date equipment and system to monitor the entire architecture.

Complimentary Anti-DDOS Protection

We provide a 10Gbps + 10Gbps Anti-DDOS Protection for Non-Consistent Attack on any of your servers. We will also provide you with additional options and advices if the DDOS are consistent to prevent further damages

24x7 Managed Support Option

Our Managed Support Option allow clients to stay in contact with our Technical Engineers directly, allowing them to bypass the normal channel procedures during emergency cases.

24x7 Security Surveillance System

Your servers will be under constant protection by Security Personnel located at the Data Centre alongside a Multi-Level Access Authentication Security System.

ISO 9001, ISO 27001 & PCI-DSS Compliance

Our services complies with IS0 9001, ISO 27001 and also PCI-DSS to ensure that our clients receives quality and satisfying service as well as assurance regarding their data.
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