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Extend your coverage with IP Transit

Ensure that your online business has a 99.9% network uptime at all times through local and international bandwidth. Not only will you be able to extend your coverage internationally through our international bandwidth when you co-locate with us, you will also be able to enjoy it at a domestic charge!

Connected to 10 Major Upstream Internationally

Our reliable and professional major upstream like Extreme Broadband, Pacnet Global Ltd, Tata Communication, Hutchison Global Communications, PCCW Global and many others are there to ensure that you are constantly connected globally no matter the time and condition

No Hidden Cost

The importance of any online business is to have a reliable network connectivity and access to company resources for business continuity. Redundant connectivity helps ensure that continuity by ensuring 99.99% network uptime due to having more than a single physical line from network providers for the business to rely on

Superior Peering

Net Onboard has strengthened and improved our network by diversifying the global partners that we are connected with. This helps ensures that the number of steps needed to transfer information from one point to another is reduced, ensuring a faster connectivity for your business

Our Network Architecture

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