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Dedicated Server


Specially Designed
Just For You

Custom made for what you need no matter in Hard Disk Space,
Capacity of Memory as well as Number of CPU Core.
Our Servers are installed with Data Center Grade Hard Disks with fastest Inputs & Outputs thanks to Hardware RAID 10.
Deploy your server in minutes and scale it up whenever you require. Stop wasting money on unused resources.
You are given the option to subscribe to 24x7x365 Managed Support at a fraction of the cost during the initial purchase.
Your server is hosted under World Class Data Centers that are fully monitored by Security Guards 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week & 365 Days a Year.

Why Choose Net Onboard
Customised Dedicated Server
with Virtualization?

Achieve More with Bigger Resources

Bigger Dedicated Server is designed to provide More CPU, More Ram & More Hard Disk Space when compared to the standard market plan which allows you to achieve even more than you can imagine


All of our servers are installed with Enterprise SAS Hard Disk with Hardware RAID 10 configuration without compromising the CPU Performance while providing you with greater speeds and tolerance levels.

99.9% Network Uptime Guaranteed

Your server is connected to multiple upstream providers where network traffic will be automatically rerouted to available upstream upon failure detection allowing us to provide 99.9% Network Uptime Guaranteed.

99.9% Power Uptime Guaranteed

Your server is backed by Dual Power Sources as well as UPS and Generator leaving you free from power failure possibility, allowing us to provide 99.9% Power Uptime Guaranteed.

Physical Security

Your server is hosted under World Class Certified Data Centers that are fully monitored by Security Guards 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week & 365 Days a Year. Only authorized personnel will be granted access into their respective servers.

24x7x365 Dedicated Support

Subscribe to our Managed Support* at a fraction of the cost during the initial purchase. Get covered with all technical aspects starting from Deployment, Configuration, Optimization, Security Update, Patches Update & Technical Troubleshooting.


If you need any technical discussion, our technical specialist is just next to you. Consultancy can be carried out via voice/conference call and you are welcome to visit us too during our office hours from Monday till Friday.

100% Claimable under Operating Expenses

As you are no longer required to purchase any hardware or operating system, whatever you have spent on Dedicated Server with Virtualization are 100% Claimable under Operating Expenses. No more problematic hardware problems.

Anti DDOS Protection
(Non-Consistent Attack)

All plans are protected by Anti DDOS Protection for the first attempt of an attack, you will be prompted with a mitigation report and given an option to subscribe to Dedicated Anti DDOS Protection at a special rate or auto black hole at your choice.


24×7 Managed Support Service is highly recommended for client with limited or no experience in Managing Server
External Cloud Storage backup is highly recommended for disaster recovery purpose
*Note: Application Programming /Coding /Design is excluded from the Managed Support.

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