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We offer a wide range of high-quality cloud services that can assist in growing your business

Founded with the philosophy to deliver “Reliable, Secured and Protected Hosting”, we take pride in offering small to large corporations fast, secured, and robust hosting solutions backed by superior customer support. With 21 years of hosting experience, Net Onboard has seen an accelerated growth pattern supported by the practice of delivering extra miles services & in-house cloud solutions development namely DIY Cloud Server, Dedicated Server with Virtualization, Unmetered Anti-DDOS Protection, Monitoring System & more to come.


Our Servers are installed with Data Center Grade Hard Disks with the fastest Inputs & Outputs thanks to Hardware RAID 10.


Deploy your server in minutes and scale it up whenever you require. Stop wasting money on unused resources.


You are given the option to subscribe to 24x7x365 Managed Support at a fraction of the cost during the initial purchase.


Your server is hosted under World Class Data Centers that are fully monitored by Security Guards 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week & 365 Days a Year.

The Cloud Is Too Beneficial to Miss Out

Portable and Flexible

Cloud Server is designed to be mobile. Unlike traditional servers, Cloud Server can be delivered from one location to another with less effort and manpower. You can even save a Cloud Server into a USB device to be ported to an enterprise storage network seamlessly.

Guarantee Business Continuity

The ability to move Cloud Server from one host to another will not cause termination or disruption of the operating system because the migration is happening without the need of turning off the power. User's access is not interrupted and business continues.

Auto Backup

Full image auto backup comes as an option for Cloud Server subscribers as it helps to ensure data integrity and security. All machine triggered auto backups eliminate the tedious manual human work and mistakes.

Improved Security

Cloud Servers do not interfere with other Cloud Servers that are located in the same physical server. For instance, a physical server that runs 3 Cloud Servers and if one of the Cloud Servers is attacked by the virus, the other 2 will not be infected as these Cloud Servers are fully isolated from each other.

Cloning Instead of Reproducing

Traditionally, we need to validate, order and purchase compliance hardware whenever we migrate or expand our network and this process usually takes time to complete. However, Cloud Servers offers real time migration. The entire server image can be cloned to a new platform in minutes.

Carbon Footprint Reduction

Multiple Cloud Servers can coexist in a physical box. It saves power, space and cost! A little effort to maintain the green without sacrificing your desired machine’s performance.
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