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Why NetApp for Data Storage?

In Security and Protection
In Performance and Consolidation
In Storage and Cost Efficiency
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Key Features

Data Compaction

Packs more data into each storage block for greater data reduction. Data Compression
Provides transparent inline and postprocess data compression for data reduction.


Performs general-purpose deduplication for removal of redundant data.


Automates data tiering to a NetApp StorageGRID object storage solution or a public cloud.


Provides integrated remote backup/recovery and disaster recovery with incremental asynchronous data replication; preserves storage efficiency savings during and after data transfer.


Makes incremental data-in-place, point-intime copies of a LUN or a volume with minimal performance impact.

SnapMirror Synchronous

Delivers incremental, volume-granular, synchronous data replication; preserves storage efficiency savings during and after data transfer with zero data loss protection (RPO=0).


Robust infrastructure that combines array-based clustering with synchronous mirroring to deliver continuous availability and zero data loss for SAN and NAS workloads; up to 700km distance between nodes

NetApp Volume Encryption

Lets you easily and efficiently protect your at-rest data by encrypting any volume on an AFF or FAS system; no special encrypting disks are required.

Data Compression

Provide transparent inline and postprocess data compression for data reduction.

Key Features

Hybrid Cloud

NetApp provide the leading unified SAN/NAS all-flash and hybrid storage appliances, and then leverage the same storage operating system to support both file and block services with all three major public cloud providers, allowing customers to consume cloud services where and how they choose—for Backup, Disaster Recovery, test/dev, etc.


NetApp delivers simple interfaces that can be used by an IT generalist while still offering expert-level capabilities, as well as a robust RESTful API set allowing for automation and orchestration. And NetApp systems are easy to support using AIOps technologies to automate risk detection and mitigation.

Non-Disruptive Support

By offering customers non-disruptive support for continued technology innovation, we allow them to take advantage of new technologies, such as NVMe, SCM, QLC, and many more, without having to execute costly and disruptive technology transitions.


Performance is another factor that leads customers to choose NetApp over the competition. Not only does NetApp deliver exceptionally high IOPs with low latencies across our entire all-flash portfolio, but our products deliver consistent performance even as capacity grows and inline storage efficiency features are in use.


Customers cite that they can trust NetApp, based on NetApp extensive track record of decades of innovations and strong financials that ensure NetApp will be a long-term partner. They also look to the overall resiliency of NetApp platforms (increasingly driven by AIOps through NetApp®Active IQ®) to support their most critical business applications.

NetApp’s Flagship Products

NetApp’s Flagship Products

FlexPod delivers a trusted, global platform for innovation, with unmatched versatility, driving best-in-class converged infrastructure solutions that support enterprises and enable service providers to:
Power the most demanding AI needs with an optimized infrastructure
Integrate advanced cloud services with the only hybrid, multi-cloud CI stack
Manage data easily from edge to core to cloud
Dramatically reduce data center costs, streamline IT and simplify support
Operate with confidence and meet the needs of diverse workloads

3D FlexPod Virtual Tour

Enjoy our three-dimensional tour of FlexPod and
discover why this leading converged infrastructure solution from Cisco and NetApp can take you and your business everywhere you

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