Lite Speed
Web Server

For Highly-loaded PHP Application
When you pair LiteSpeed with cPanel you get LiteSpeed’s high-performance HTTP server and integrated LiteSpeed and cPanel support.

LiteSpeed Cache Plugin for WordPress

The best of both worlds, all in one. The LiteSpeed Cache plugin for WordPress is an all-in-one optimization solution. It is packed with a variety of popular features which deliver superior performance to WordPress sites.

Zero Downtime

Connections currently being served are not interrupted and finish processing, allowing you to restart and apply configuration changes with zero downtime.

Apache Drop-In

Replace Apache with LiteSpeed in just 15 minutes. LiteSpeed reads Apache configuration files directly and is compatible with Apache .htaccess and mod_security rules. Switching between Apache and LiteSpeed is easy with one-click from the WHM Plugin.

Experience the LiteSpeed Difference

Can the software you run make that much of a difference? Yes, it can.

Our lightweight Apache alternative conserves resources without sacrificing performance, security, compatibility, or convenience.

Double the maximum capacity of your current Apache servers with LiteSpeed Web Server’s streamlined event-driven architecture, capable of handling thousands of concurrent clients with minimal memory consumption and CPU usage.

Protect your servers with already familiar mod_security rules while also taking advantage of a host of built-in anti-DDoS features, such as bandwidth and connection throttling.

Conserve capital by reducing the number of servers needed to support your growing hosting business or online application.

Reduce complexity by eliminating the need for an HTTPS reverse proxy or additional 3rd party caching layers.

How License Limits Work

Litespeed 8GB

Litespeed Unlimited

A server can have any amount of RAM up to the RAM limit for that license type. LSWS will share this RAM with all other processes like normal. Using a license on a server with RAM that exceeds the specified limit will result in an error.
8GB RAM and below
Above 8GB RAM
The number of workers in the license description indicates how many LiteSpeed processes will be spawned – the number of processes that do general server work. Examples of the work done include: routing requests, SSL decryption/encryption, caching, rewriting, serving static contents, etc.
1 Workers
(1 CPU limit)
3 Workers
(3 CPU limit)

cPanel WHM Plugin Features

• Auto-installer: install LSWS and plugin with one script.
• Officially supported by cPanel.
• Install/Uninstall LiteSpeed Web Server.
• Version management: upgrade to the latest version of LSWS, switch between different versions.
• Run LSWS on a port offset: run LSWS on a port other than the default port 80 to fully test all your web applications.
• One-click switch between Apache and LiteSpeed Web Server.
• Build PHP with LSAPI to match your Apache PHP.
• Quick PHP suExec and LiteSpeed cache setups.
• Automatically rebuild LiteSpeed’s PHP based on EasyApache configuration changes while LiteSpeed is running.
• Restart LiteSpeed Web Server.
• License management: check license status, migrate license.
• Portal to LiteSpeed WebAdmin console.
• Automatically updated when you update LSWS.
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