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Net Onboard Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Protecting our customers’ privacy is very crucial and important for Net Onboard. In order to safeguard our customers’ personal identifiable information, Net Onboard operates our website by following the guidelines.

By accepting the perception of internet business method and internet technologies is still under evolving stage and developing rapidly, Net Onboard policies and procedures of managing and handling customer information are subject to change.

– Personal information that Net Onboard collect
– Data security
– The use of customer information
– Customer information update and modification
– Direct mailing from Net Onboard
– Disclosure of customer information and communications
– Changes of the policy

Personal information that Net Onboard collect

In better in servicing customer, Net Onboard acquires, stores and transmits customer communications and information of customer that may regards as private or sensitive. For example, customer’s name, address, contact number that is to provide to Net Onboard to establish services. Information like type of services, customer’s account status and customer’s log are created to maintain by Net Onboard in the normal course of providing service. In the same time, Net Onboard also may stores customer’s electronic mail and other communications to execute the transmission and delivery as a necessary.

Data security

Net Onboard promises to protect and safeguard the confidentiality of customer’s information and personal communications as consistent with the law and the legitimate interests of Net Onboard, its partners, its employees and other customers of Net Onboard services. Net Onboard has appropriate electronic, physical and managerial procedures in place to protect the loss, misuse and alteration of information that is collected from customers.

Modification of customer information

Net Onboard may modify information such as, not limited to Name servers, personal contact information such as telephone number, addresses, emails and other relevant information if required for the purpose of updating valid contacts, authorised domain transferring, registered email point of contact and other administrative updates. We may also change the Technical Contact details if customer require assistant for us to do so by logging in to their Domain Control Panel. Password recovery procedure and method varies from registrar therefore, Net Onboard may provide the domain username & password for recovery purposes either via Ticketing system or an auto generated email containing the information sent to registered email address.

The use of customer information

Net Onboard collect the information primarily to establish the services. Net Onboard will impose or implement any necessary and reasonable precaution to prevent unauthorised access to this information. In the same time, Net Onboard may require customers to provide additional information in order to access information about customer’s personal account.

Direct mailing from Net Onboard

Net Onboard may send information about new launched of product or various services from time to time.

Disclosure of customer information and communications

Net Onboard may not disclose its customers’ information to any person or organisation unless Net Onboard have the reason to believe that the relevant customer are causing harm or interfering with copyright infringement or harm to the name and property of Net Onboard. However, there are a few exceptions where Net Onboard may disclose customer information such as;

• it is required to cooperate with local law enforcement
• partners for the purpose of educating and promoting relevant products and services
• It is necessary to protect property and legitimate interest of Net Onboard

Changes of policy

The updated policy will be posted here if there are any changes of policy. Net Onboard will use our best effort to draw your attention on the changes of policy. However, Net Onboard recommend customer to be caution and read this document every time you visit the site.
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